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Be Fabulous On Purpose® is a public declaration of a way of life. A clarion call. It’s a LIFESTYLE. 

Lifestyle (noun): the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the manner of living of an individual or group. Merriam-Webster defines it as the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture.

A life centered on Christ as the rock from which everything is built. You are not self-made rather God created. You were created to be a builder. Your life is a reflection of God’s love displayed out and back to Himself.

Be Fabulous On Purpose® is a state of being. To BE you must occupy a position or place. You take ownership and steward that which you have been given. It is a perpetual state of living. There are new dimensions that God wants to reveal to you and through you.

Faith + Fitness merge creating synergy. Designed to provoke thought, quicken your spirit, and prompt swift action. Here is where you will be challenged, encouraged, motivated and inspired to govern yourself and steward that which God has given you.

Spiritual + Physical + Emotional + Mental Fitness = The SPEM Factor ™

James said “show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith BY my works.” [James 2:18b] It’s who you are. It’s what you do!


Fab Manifesto

What is this?


A collection of declarative ethos that embodies the lifestyle you live and continue to build. It serves as a reminder to Be.Know.Do.™ what you were put on this earth to be and do. Put this in your favorite places: desktop wallpaper, frame as artwork, etc. 

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She is because He is

Who Am I?

I am LayTonia. I am the voice behind the brand, Be Fabulous On Purpose®. I am a daughter of The King and is absolutely in love with Jesus!

Lesson Learned

I’ve learned that my strength really isn’t that strong but yet I am strong when I am weak. Weakness is not failure rather an invitation for God’s power to be made perfect in and through you. So my algorithm to life is simple, “I am because He is.” I am a living letter of God’s goodness at work everyday.

What’s My Story?

We all have a story, right? So, what’s mine? Below is where I share some archival pieces with you and as you join in on this journey with me is where I share my heart.


My childhood was spent in the sticks of North Carolina. I served over a decade in the United States Army where I met some fabulous people, traveled to some amazing places, and learned some unique skills. I continue to serve today as a military spouse.

I have a passion for helping others push through the pain. I’ve had my own fair share of pain to push through but God. Life and love are not void of pain but there is a love so great that overcomes all and silence all fear. Faith, love, and saving grace are the driving force behind the “pusher” personality. Consider the snippets of my life as motivational pushes.


A Few Things I Love

I love these fabulous humans dearly! Meet the family … my husband, Charles. My two favorite children in the whole world, Skyla and Cedric. They teach me so much. I often find myself in the teacher and student seat while mothering them. This is us!

{not pictured here is our furry baby, Brisco}

I am a lover of learning. I am a lover of fashion, art, museums, and movies. I talk through movies and read everything in museums … drives my family crazy! I am obsessed with journals and Montavida coffee.

Exercising is my thing: it is heaven’s therapy for me. It gets me in my zone! For as long as I can remember I have been around movement from outdoor play as a child, sports in school, U.S. Army life, coaching Track & Field to currently competing as a USATF Masters Athlete.

Welcome to the Fab Squad!

I am excited and ready to serve you as your Fitness Strategist and Coach in your journey to living your healthy, fit, and prosperous life!


With Love,


P.S., Always Remember …

Be Fabulous On Purpose!