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August 2020 Reader’s Selection

Thought you might like to know that this post may contain affiliate links that results in a small commission earnings if you make a purchase. 

WELCOME readers at every level to the grand opening of The Reader’s Library. 📚🎉 

This is the kickoff with the August 2020 selection! I love to learn so naturally I am an avid reader. Each month I will share a selection of books to read. I only recommend books that I have read or are currently reading unless I am led by Holy Spirit to do otherwise. So without further ado …

August's Picks

I believe that this is a unique time of occupying and positioning. A time ripe for change. A time of walking in wisdom and a discerning spirit.

The end of last year in November, God told me that this was going to be an UNPRECENDENTED year and it absolutely has been. 

Unprecendented by definition means:

without previous instance; never before known or experienced; unexampled or unparalleled.

This is a time that God is bringing order to chaos and He will use you to do it. The question is … Are you willing?

The power in what God can do through a WILLING heart!

This selection is so rich although it is a short read. You’ll want to chew on it. This will be one to reread in the future. Despite the title, this is not just for women. Deborah’s life is an example of someone willing to be used by God to awaken a people and a nation to bring about victory … God’s victory! So fellas, this is for you too. There is much for you in this selection too. Remember, Barak is listed as one of the faithful in Hebrews 11.

1. The Deborah Anointing: Embracing the Call to be a Woman of Wisdom and Discernment by Michelle McClain-Walters – Click HERE to get your copy. Available on Audible for those who love to listen as you go! Or if you are like me, you get both. 🤓

2. The Deborah Anointing Study Guide – NOTE: This is not the book. This is a companion study guide to the book listed in number one. Ensure that you get a copy of the book before purchasing this. Click HERE to get your copy. 

3. Read Judges 4 and 5 EVERYDAY while reading the above book. Take notes. Write out words that stand out to you. Look them up. Read it in different translations. A few of my favorite are KJV, AMP, and NASB. Talk to Abba about what He wants to share with you during this time within the context of the text, about yourself (internally) and what you see around you (externally).

Happy Reading! Be sure to leave your comments below 👇🏾

With Love,


P.S., Always Remember …

Be Fabulous On Purpose!

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