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Thy Will Be Done

There comes a point in your life when you expend all that you have and begin to live by these four words ... "thy will be done." This where you get off the "hamster wheel" sorta speak and well, let ... READ the POST

Run your Race to Finish

Track and Field is my favorite sport. I ran in high school and one of my favorite yet most challenging events was the hurdles. I ran both the 100m and 300m hurdles. There is a method to properly ... READ the POST


Have you ever felt like you were gasping for air while running? What do you do in those moments? Do you keep running? ... start walking? ... completely stop? ... bend over? ... or straight pass out?! ... READ the POST

My Story, His Glory!

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Maya Angelou Tweet Hello Fabulous People! WELCOME! I am excited to finally publish this site. Whew! It has been a ... READ the POST