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Run in the Rain

It’s raining outside” is precisely what I was thinking when my husband invited me on a run with him. 

Yes, sure Babe” are the words that were released out of my mouth with a smile. 

Run in the Rain

Under what conditions do you run?

What if I told you that in running your race it was necessary to run in the rain? Would you want to run?

What if I told you that in running your race that it was necessary to run in the cold, snow, and ice? Would you still want to run?


Do you need the right conditions to run your race and to finish strong?

{*Insert pause button to think about it!*}

Now, I’m no stranger to running in the elements from rain, snow, ice, extreme heat, and higher altitudes. I’ve done it all, literally. But I was secretly hoping that my husband would change his mind. 

The truth is that there aren’t perfect conditions to running your race. There aren’t perfect conditions in life.


In those imperfect conditions, there was perfect beauty.

In those moments, it wasn’t about me. (It is always about something much greater than oneself 😳)

It was about the invitation.

It was about my husband.

As we ran, I was in awe of the warmth I felt as we ran with tiny droplets of water being released into the atmosphere despite the previous days of cold weather. At times, my husband ran beside me. At times, in front of me. At times, behind me but nonetheless, we ran together. It was perfect harmony.

Appreciate the Rain

I want to encourage you today to accept the invitation that your husband (Jesus) is extending to you. The invitation may not be in your ideal conditions but as you yield yourself with even the softest yes, it creates perfect harmony as you commune together. 

Will you accept the invitation that has been given to you and the inherent elements of the invitation?

{*Insert pause button to answer!*}

SO …

Learn to appreciate the rain. Rain releases healing. It brings a cleansing of the old making room for the new things to spring forth. Rain brings growth that is ripe for picking … fresh produce that will be a blessing to your life and others. Learn to appreciate the rain because through the rain and above the clouds, the sun still shines.

Learn to discipline yourself. It is not about you but what is to be done through you. The Spirit of the living God lives inside of you and produces the fruit of self-control as you submit your will. Don’t you know that God has not given you a spirit of fear but of POWER, LOVE, and a SOUND MIND? The Greek word for sound mind is sōphronismos (pronounced so-fron-is-mos) meaning discipline, that is, self-control. Discipline your thoughts. Be aware of your emotions but discipline them too. 😁

Yield to the POWER of God, stand in awe of His presence, and run your race. Finish STRONG!

With Love,


P.S., Always Remember …

Be Fabulous On Purpose!

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