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The POWER of a Woman

WOMAN – noun – a beautiful creature created in the image of God; his workmanship created in Christ for good works ordained that she should walk in them.

The definition of a woman has been written and told by many throughout time.

The truth is that the POWER of a woman is derived from the Source in which she receives from. AND when she chooses to receive from the Source who is the originator of who she is … well, she is POWERFUL. She is walking in the fullness of who she was created to be.

When you understand the power of a woman then you understand the definition of a woman.

As we celebrate women across the globe for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, I believe that we are in a time that is unique to women and God’s call for women in the earth.

Throughout time, women have been key instruments through which God’s glory is displayed in the earth across the world and in this nation. AND it doesn’t stop there. It is only the beginning.

Deborahs are arising … Esthers are arising … Annas are arising … Lydias are arising … Ruths are arising … YOU are arising.

This is less about the names of these women but the voice of a woman that was activated for a specific purpose in time then and NOW.

Dare to activate the voice that God designed for YOU because history is being written through it.

Dare to walk in the creative work designed for you. May extraordinary be your new normal.

Today, I salute women across the globe past and present who have walked in and are walking in what they were born in this earth to say and do.

Today, I salute a high-octane woman, my mom (pictured above).

What woman has had a significant impact in your life? Comment below. 👇🏾

Share this with other high-octane women in your life.

With Love,


P.S., Always Remember …

Be Fabulous On Purpose!

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