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Fab Fitness

Fitness – n.

1. Suitableness; adaptedness; adaptation; as the fitness of things to their use.

2. Propriety; meetness; justness; reasonableness; as the fitness of measures or laws.

3. Preparation; qualification; as a student’s fitness for college.

4. Convenience; the state of being fit.

Fitness is often defined by many as and only relating to the physical state of an individual. But au contraire, my Fabs! How limiting and endangering this point of view leaves one.

I’ve found fitness to be a lifestyle that includes the physical and extends beyond to every aspect of one’s being: spiritual, mental, and emotional. It is about ownership. Owning the state of where you are and where you have been called to be. This is stewardship … utilizing the resources

I must remind you of a few things as you embark on your fitness journey.

  1. It requires intentionality, consistency, discipline, and ACTION! 
  2. There will be pain. I’ve learned that pain is simply pain. The measurement of pain is defined by me. It is temporary and there is purpose in it. You can either learn, grow and overcome or lay down in the puddle of it and soak. There are options, you choose.
  3. It won’t be easy. There is a saying that “nothing in life is easy.” This is no different. 
  4. You were born for such a time as this.




Here’s the thing, you make these declarations out of an act of faith not in one’s self but in Christ who died for it ALL. He is your qualifier and what He says holds eternal weight.

Life and fitness are quite synonymous. They both are a journey that requires intentionality, consistency, discipline, and action. It’s a lifestyle not just limited to merely the physical but to every area of life: spiritual, mental, and emotional. Are you fit?

In a society that is moved by freedom of speech and freedom of expression, it is important to note that just as we are given the gift of free will, we are also given the gift of self-control.

Join me and others on a journey of fitness to holistic living. Let’s get moving, forward that is!

Always Remember,

In all that you do, Be Fabulous On Purpose!