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My Story, His Glory!

Hello Fabulous People! WELCOME! I am excited to finally publish this site. Whew! It has been a long time coming and now the time has come. Much like a mother in the last trimester of pregnancy so has this process been. Actually, it has been more like an elephant giving birth. From embryonic stage to birthing for an elephant is between 18-23 months. That is a long time to carry but then I am reminded of the impact upon birthing. It is ground shaking. I believe that God is birthing something through me that will shake the ground for His glory! And, I am so grateful to have been chosen to carry, birth, and grow this baby! Let’s get started.

Maya Angelou’s quote rings in my ears! Why? Because no one wants to go unheard. That is a part of human nature. People want to be heard and understood. We all bear a story and a story that needs to be told. But what story do you tell that will be a blessing to others? The beautiful thing is it is not as much about my story as it is about the greater story to be shared. I asked God to take my life and everything in it and use it for His good. So where I am today is not an indication of me but rather evidence of what is possible through Him.

So what’s my story, you ask?

In 2015 God met me on a running trail in a South Carolina park and supernaturally healed and delivered me from the death of my child, Nadia Alyse. I was encompassed with the presence of God that stopped me in my tracks. His love is relentless and unstoppable from reaching you right where you are. Along this journey I will share how I partnered with Him. Remember … my willingness + God’s power = my story, His glory.

Here is the thing ...

No one has just one story to share but there is one constant that shows up in every story. My testimony is pregnant with other testimonies. Your testimony is pregnant with other testimonies. What’s your story for His glory?

Join me on this journey of fitness as the story unfolds. The narrative is never complete. It is still being written. You won’t want to miss it because your story will unfold in the process.

With Love,


P.S., Always Remember …

Be Fabulous On Purpose!

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