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\\I love God’s word and I love a good quote. The Creator used words to make something beautiful from absolutely nothing. Likewise, He has given us the ability to use our words to do the same. He is the point of reference, the example.

\\Words communicate and create. Words birth and heal. On the flipside, words kill and destroy. Words have POWER! Proverbs 18:21a tells us that “death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

\\I’m reminded that when Jesus spoke, it was life-changing … transformative. I often wonder what would happen if we collectively as a people used our words as images of Christ to transform. What would the world look like? What life could we speak with our words to broken people, a broken nation, a broken world? What things need to be put to death and what things need to have life spoken? Let’s partner and co-labor with Christ for our words to be like missiles to destroy that which needs to be destroyed and to be like rain to water that which needs life. 

\\Leave your favorite words spoken or quotes that resonate below. 


Always Remember,

In all that you do, Be Fabulous On Purpose!